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Year 7 Catch Up Funding

Catch up Funding review 2017-18

In the academic year of 2017-2018 21 Year 7students were identified as needing extra support in Literacy and Numeracy.  Overall 91% of the whole cohort were on or above their flightpath in English and in Maths 77% were also on or above. 67% of the identified 21 students made progress in the Accelerated Reading programme.

The Catch Up Literacy Programme supported 8 of the students and 75% of these made progress.

The CFBT Phonics Reading and Spelling scheme supported 8 students and 88% made progress. 88% of students made progress in spelling. Out of a further 9 students identified as needing support 89% made progress using the White Towers reading comprehension and writing programme. They also engaged in Clued Up for Spelling Intervention and 67% made progress.

Out of the 21 students identified as needing support by the Maths departments, 53% of those students made progress using Mastery intervention.