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Uniform was updated from September 2018.

Blazer with new badge

Tie Black with new badge

Skirts -  Lincoln Tartan to avoid any misinterpretation of our rules

PE - Black & Red top, with black shorts and black socks


We consider uniform to be very important and our strict approach is appreciated by parents.  We believe that the uniform code contributes to the values of our Academy.  It is modern, it provides students with an identity and it helps to promote a purposeful approach to learning. 

There is an expectation that all members of the Academy will strive to look their best.  For students this will mean wearing the Academy uniform correctly when travelling to, from and within the Academy and when on Academy trips and visits. Extreme haircuts (as decided by the Academy) and evidence of dye or tints are not acceptable.

Currently Uniform Direct provide and supply our school uniform at their retail outlets in the High Street. We would advise you to check before purchase to ensure it complies with our uniform code.

Outdoor Coats

Dark colours, large enough to wear over the blazer and not of sweatshirt material or tracksuit/hoodie in style.


Students may wear one single plain stud in the lobe of each ear.  Students must not have other piercings done if there is insufficient time for them to heal; it is simply not appropriate for them to come to the Academy with plasters over their piercings or with clear retainers.  Earrings must be removed for PE without question.

Students may only wear lapel badges that have been awarded to them by Academy.


Students are expected to keep hair clean and tidy.  Skinhead, Mohican, tramline or any other extreme hair style is not permitted.  Students with these styles will be withdrawn from lessons. Hair dyed in unnatural colours is not permitted.

General Comments

If for any reason, eg medical or personal, a student is unable to wear full uniform, their parent/carer is asked to contact a member of the pastoral team at their earliest convenience.

The following are not permitted: Jeans and cords; trousers with decorative zips, patches or flares; training, slipper-style or canvas shoes, or heavy boots.  Outdoor clothing should be without studs or slogans and should not be worn in the building. Cardigans, jumpers or sweatshirts do not constitute ‘Outdoor clothing’ and must not be worn over the uniform.  Trainers should only be worn for PE.

We expect students to be smartly turned out not only in school but also on their journeys to and from the Academy.

Aerosols are not to be used anywhere on the Academy site, as they can cause serious medical issues (can use roll on or similar instead).

Inevitably this list will not cover every eventuality and the Headteacher has discretion over final uniform decisions.