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Student Summer Reading Challenge

Hello everyone,

  • Please would you share the attached Summer Reading Challenge with your form and encourage them to join in over summer (don’t forget to mention the prize draw).
  • For every one of the nine tasks they complete, they will have a raffle ticket in the prize draw in September (as long as they complete the form linked in the PowerPoint slide).
  • The Summer Reading Challenge has a range of tasks to help students and their families engage with reading over the summer and may be completed by staff too.

Why am I asking you to do this?

As part of Language for Learning, we are looking to strengthen our academy reading culture and improve the effectiveness of the library, including attitudes to reading in all subjects, next academic year. The Summer Reading Challenge is a small way we can recognise, praise and celebrate students who are reading, and it will lead into bigger reading strategies from September.

Thank you for your support.