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Sixth Form News

This year Adelaide, Senior Prefect, was lucky enough to be accepted by The Social Mobility Foundation to attend a 2 week summer internship with J P Morgan in London. This is what she reported:  

In July-August I spent two weeks in London for a programme ran by the Social Mobility Foundation. This was a fantastic opportunity, it provides students with an insight into a very high level of professionalism (such as Banking, Engineering, Accountancy, Medicine, Law). I chose Banking and so I spent two weeks with JP Morgan in Canary Wharf. We were given talks for all of the main sectors of the bank such as Private Banking at Knightsbridge, Investment Banking at Victoria Embankment, and Trading at Canary Wharf. We were all provided with a mentor depending on our personalities and where our interests lied, and depending on the mentor’s job we would be put into a certain line of work where we would be based for the two weeks. Now that I am home I still contact my mentor weekly, and she helps me with my personal statement and anything I else I may need help with.

A typical day included getting the Underground to Work (all accompanied by a group leader so we didn’t get lost), having our breakfast on the 31st floor of JP Morgan, listening to a few talks and doing some games relating to that line of work, going for lunch in Canary Wharf (generally with a Managing Director of your given line of work), working on your given project with peers, going back to the accommodation for dinner, then going out for your evening activity. Everything was included from accommodation to the evening activities.

The whole aim of the trip was to give students a taste of the busy, professional, London life; and prepare them to get there. So some nights we had personal statement workshops, others were CV sessions. The people in charge of these sessions (and were on sight for you to access all of the time) were from prestigious universities such as Oxford, or Cambridge.

Other activities included a day in the London Stock Exchange; a day trip to Oxford University; a day of sight-seeing around London; the National Theatre; the London Eye; a River Cruise; Bowling; the Cinema, and many more.

This was a great experience. Not only was it fun and allowed me to see into a whole other way of life, but it allowed me to see every step I needed to take in order to get there, and get lots of help doing so.