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My Internship Experience Summer 2014

My Internship Experience Summer 2014

Our 2nd Year Career Academy students had the opportunity to reflect on their summer internship and present their feedback at the LN6 Event hosted by The Priory City of Lincoln Academy on Friday 12th September 2014:

“Before starting my internship I had no idea of what a working office environment was like. My time at Ample Financial Services really inspired me and was an extremely valuable experience. It helped me understand real working life and built my confidence greatly.

I think I have benefitted a great amount from doing the internship and being part of the Career Academy in many aspects. It has been a very educational experience from the start and I’d highly recommend it for anyone who gets the opportunity to take part and make the most of what is being offered to them by the scheme and their own personal mentors who really do have your best interests at heart.”

Charlotte Booker- internship mentor Colin Parkin, Director of Ample Financial Services

“I completed a summer placement at Sills & Betteridge Solicitors and, as I am planning to study Law at university next year, the week gave me a valuable insight into the different careers I could pursue in the future.  I worked alongside solicitors in both negligence and family departments, attended court and took notes for a barrister, spoke to clients and gained knowledge of many different cases.

This placement helped to give me some aspirations for the future and the motivation to work hard to get there.  I also made business contacts and exchanged email addresses with lawyers who have offered to help me with my application to university.”

Sarah Collins – internship mentor Rachel MacLean, Solicitor, Sills & Betteridge

“My internship took place at Software Europe. Originally the placement was for 4 weeks, however,  I enjoyed it so much I asked to stay for another 2 weeks.  I learnt so much over the summer and met some wonderful people. I have learnt that having a full time job is different to school and that you can have a job you enjoy.  I know I have grown up a lot over the summer and my work ethic at school has improved since I returned.  It was an overall fantastic experience and I would recommend it to anyone in the future.”

Ciara Everatt-Witts – internship mentors Adele Briggs and Lewis Hughes, Software Europe

“During my internship at Barclays I was able to learn and understand the ways in which to present myself and work efficiently in a working environment. There were certain skills I had to focus on in order to make my 4 weeks a success. Punctuality, politeness and a determination to learn quickly were very important for me to make a good impression and to work to the standard expected of me.

My experience was very much an enjoyable one; I feel that I have learnt a lot about the working environment and feel much more confident talking to people I may not know. The staff were incredibly friendly and supportive, but also very demanding, something that I think will be very useful when I begin to work full time.”

Aaron Fox – internship mentor Donna Evans, Branch Manager at Barclays Bank

“My internship was with the Lincolnshire Co-op and I spent time at two of their branches, Lucy Tower Pharmacy and Birchwood Pharmacy.  This experience gave me the opportunity to develop my communication skills, use my initiative and work as part of a team.  After training, I felt like a real employee and was able to make a valuable contribution to the working day.  I was given responsible tasks and constructive criticism.  Overall this opportunity helped to develop me as a person, gave me confidence of the workplace and I look forward to the world of work.”

Greg Gavin – internship mentor Di Gallon, Pharmacy Training Manager

“My internship at Lloyds Bank was unique and nothing like I had experienced before. On my first day I was really nervous to meet everyone and find out what I would be doing but after the first day I quickly learnt that working in the Banking industry was never the same. Through my internship I learnt how to cashier, work the IDM- achieving the most transactions it had had in 5 years - observe mortgage appointments and assist on the customer service desk. Working at Lloyds Bank was a valuable experience and really helped me to develop my communication skills and develop my skills in banking hall excellence.  By the end of my 6 weeks at Lloyds bank, I had become friends with the staff, learnt about working with the public and was more confident with my role in the bank . Overall being a Career Academy student has helped me a lot because it has offered me more career options to think about and has provided me with advice from my mentor.”

Shannon Hudson – internship mentor Steve Fiddler, Branch Manager, Lloyds Banking Group

“During my internship at LAGAT Training and Recruitment Ltd I had the opportunity to observe and gain a better understanding of the different areas of the business. During my time there, I learnt the importance of being a team player, being polite to strangers, and also how important it is to present myself in a professional manner.   The internship gave me the opportunity to work with LAGAT’s sister company Quest and to go out on assessor visits.  During my time there, I was able to complete the initial assessments that anyone who is applying for an apprenticeship would complete and I was able to test the speed and accuracy of my typing.  I feel that the internship has helped me understand what it would be like to work in a business and it has given me a greater understanding of the type of career that I would prefer to do.

The Careers Academy as a whole has benefited me as it has allowed me to experience something that I would not have necessarily had the opportunity to do.  It has enabled me to network and to develop my confidence and my abilities. The Careers Academy has been one of the best things that the academy has offered and I hope that the next year of the programme will be as good as the first.”

Loren Marshall – internship mentor Alison Jones, Business Advisor at LAGAT Training and Recruitment Ltd

“My four week internship took place at the Lindum Group and my mentor is Sara Hobson.   During this time I had the opportunity to attend work based visits to Ambitions Personnel and Lace Housing.   At Ambitions Personnel I was able to observe an interview and complete assessments that included testing the speed and accuracy of my typing.   I also attended two training courses; this included an Interpersonal Effectiveness course in my first week and in my last week an Excel level one course.  I also had other opportunities such as gaining experience on reception, visiting the Lindum Waste Site and the Lindum office in Peterborough.   I enjoyed my internship and my confidence has improved both in meeting new people and completing tasks.  Sara continues to be my Partner in Business this year and I am looking forward to attending future Lindum events and the valuable on-going support she provides.”

Rosie Marshall – internship mentor Sara Hobson,  Training & Development Manager, Lindum Group

“I recently carried out a summer placement at Danwood during which time I got the opportunity to experience a variety of different departments.  My initial career thoughts had been based around reception and possibly call centre work.  Working at Danwood gave me the chance to work in Credit Control which I found very interesting.

Being part of our Career Academy has improved my confidence in the workplace and provided opportunities to gain an insight into other businesses.  Working with my own Partner in Business has been valuable as he has supported my career aims.”

Luke Prescott – internship mentor Katie Wallis-Coggan, HR Co-ordinator at Danwood Group Ltd

“This summer I underwent a two week internship at Dunn & Co garage on Skellingthorpe Road.  During this placement, I experienced how life is while working in a garage. I helped my colleagues with MOTs, changing wheels, balancing wheels and servicing.  I also learnt the basic principles behind a vehicles engine.

Overall the Career Academy has helped me experience life outside of the academy and it has also helped during job interviews as employers have said how invaluable the experience is to a student.”

James Vickers – internship supervisor Caroline Dunn, Dunn & Co