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KS3 Programme of Study. 

Students are involved in listening, performing and composing activities throughout the year. They will learn to and develop skills in reading and writing music in both graphic scores and traditional notation. They will study the Instruments of the Orchestra; learn to develop instrumental skills and develop understanding of using ICT in Music. Students also learn about music from other countries and further develop ICT skills.

Year 7

Terms 1 and 2 - Junk percussion

Using everyday items, students work in an ensemble to create a musical performance for an audience. They compose ostinai using notation and rhythm grids that are developed and layered to create an exciting piece based on the music and performances seen in STOMP!

Students develop notation and performance skills through a variety of short practical tasks using their singing voices and percussion instruments.  All students are expected to perform and compose within a group using a variety of notation forms. 

Terms 3 and 4 - Musical ensembles

Students use a variety of instruments to develop ensemble skills. They will listen and appraise music written throughout history as well as learn to play a brass, wood wind or keyboard instrument.

Terms 5 and 6 - Globe Trotter 1

Students finish the year exploring Music from other cultures. We listen to, compose and perform Music inspired by Asia using pentatonic scales. Here they learn basic keyboard and xylophone skills to develop compositions based on their listening and practical experiences both in a group and on their own.     

Year 8

Terms 1 and 2 - Pop goes the classics

Students are exposed to a range of songs that use classical melodies and ideas within a modern chart hit. They learn to play the ground bass from Canon in D during lesson one which is then used to create a backing track on Garage Band for a rap they will write later in the module. Mini performances of raps are developed alongside the composing elements of the work.  

Terms 3 and 4 - Ensemble Performance

All students are now given the opportunity to develop their band skills. The drums, electric guitar, bass guitar and microphones are used in each lesson to prepare a performance of a popular song. Even students with no experience of the instruments are taught the basics to be able to play an independent line within the ensemble.

Terms 5 and 6 - Globe Trotter 2

Using band instruments students develop a performance of Three Little Birds. Instrumental and ensemble skills are developed through learning to read a lead sheet and at the end of the module students perform for each other. Just like the Year 7 curriculum, students in Year 8 look at Music not just from Jamaica but other Caribbean islands to develop a well-rounded understanding of musical influences.      

Year 9

Terms 1 and 2 – Battle of the Bands

At the beginning of the year, students develop instrumental and vocal skills in preparation for creating an ensemble which will later perform at Battle of the Bands. During Term 2 students use the skills they have developed to create two ensemble performances as well as organise Battle of the Bands.

Term 3 – The Music Industry

Students learn about the role of the Music Industry and the jobs that it offers. They complete a research project and develop skills in an area they wish to look at in more depth.

Term 4 – Solo Performance

For G.C.S.E. Music students are expected to perform a solo and so this module helps students to develop the confidence, skills and the repertoire required to do just that.

Term 5 – Composition

By Term 5 students have built up enough notation and analytical skills to begin writing their own pieces of music using music software.  

Term 6 – Song Writing

Students learn how to write their own songs which are entered into the national songwriter’s competition. Students can perform their own songs, compose for someone else or create a piece for a band.

Music Leaders – A small group of students are selected in each teaching group to become Music Leaders. These students are often responsible for equipment, practice rooms and leading small groups during practical activities. This is a great way for students to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities whilst helping to develop their peer’s musical experiences.

Instrumental Music Tuition

Extra-curricular – Music

There are many opportunities to get involved in Performance at the Priory City of Lincoln Academy.

Individual Music tuition is offered to all students by specialist teachers via a 20 minute lesson a week but does incur a cost. Lessons are available on the following instruments: drums, guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, cello, violin, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, piano, keyboard and singing.  In some cases instrumental lessons can be shared between students. Please download our Music Tuition Policy booklet and letter for more details.

Academy Voices meet one lunchtime a week to develop performances from musicals and popular songs.  The Choir have performed at the Lincolnshire Show as well as in house concerts and more recently the group performed at The Music for Youth Festival in Boston where they received positive feedback for their performances of Oh I wish I was a Punk Rocker and Read all about it.

Academy Band is held afters school for one hour a week. All students are invited to attend even if they have little or no experience of the instrument they wish to learn.

Musical Theatre runs on the enrichment programme and at lunch time, all students are invited to attend. During this time the group develop scenes and songs from popular musicals which are showcased in Academy performances such as Stage and Screen and MADD. Recent performances include songs from Matilda, Chicago and The Boyfriend.

Extra-curricular – Dance

Dance Leaders – Dance students are encouraged to become Dance Leaders within the Academy. Dance Leaders help to run enrichment activities such as Academy Dancers and also organise competitions held at the Academy region.

Rock Challenge is a popular project that our students are involved in. Working together the team devise a 5-8 minute piece on a theme of their choice to showcase at a regional event. In the past we have one many awards including, Best Choreography, Best Video Performance and Most Original Concept. 

Academy Dancers meet once a week during enrichment time to develop pieces for local dance platforms such as UDance and True Motion.