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Induction for Y7 Students September 2023


The Senior Team at Lincoln Academy:

Mr R Trow             Headteacher

Mr C Hill                 Assistant Head - Assessment

Mrs C Hickin           Assistant Head - Curriculum

Dr A Hale              Assistant Head - Teaching & Learning

Miss C Hinch        Assistant Head - Admissions

Mrs C Duggan      Assistant Head - Attendance


Year 7 Team 

Mrs C Bramwell Smith - Assistant Head  - Transition

Mr A Smales  -  Head of Year 

Mrs J Bayston - Assistant Head of Year

Miss R O'Connor  -  Pastoral Manager 

Your child will be assigned a tutor from the Year 7 tutor team. These members of experienced staff will be supporting them in their first year at the Academy. and along with the pastoral team, will ensure the transition is as comfortable as possible.