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Current Year 11: BTEC Information & Creative Technology

Awarding Body: Pearson BTEC

The BTEC ICT course aims to give learners the opportunity to gain a broad understanding and knowledge of the Information Technology sector and some aspects of the creative industries.  It aims to inspire and enthuse learners to become technology savvy - producers of technology products and systems and not just consumers.

The course is assessed through one online exam (Unit 1 - The Online World) and three coursework units (Unit 3 - A Digital Portfolio, Unit 4 - Creating Digital Animation, and Unit 6 - Creating Digital Graphics).

KS4: OCR Nationals Creative iMedia

Awarding Body: OCR

Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia are media sector-focused, including film, television, web development, gaming and animation, and have IT at their heart. They provide knowledge in a number of key areas in this field from pre-production skills to digital animation and have a motivating, hands-on approach to both teaching and learning. Cambridge Nationals deliver skills across the whole range of learning styles and abilities, effectively engaging and inspiring all students to achieve great things.

The course is assessed through a written exam (Pre-Production Skills), and three units of coursework (Creating Digital Graphics, Creating a Digital Animation, and Designing a Game Concept). 

Awarding Body: OCR



Course Title: OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical in ICT (2016 suite)

Qualification: OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma In ICT

Awarding Body: OCR (

Description of Course:

This qualification is not just about being able to use computers. Employers advise they need people who are able to help them develop their systems or the systems for their customers, use IT as a tool to analyse data and develop applications. Therefore, this qualification is designed to give learners a range of specialist knowledge and transferable skills in the context of applied IT, providing them with the opportunity to enter an apprenticeship, move directly into employment, or progress to a related Higher Education (HE) course.

All learners will study the following two mandatory units; Fundamentals of IT and Global information. These units provide learners with an insight into the IT sector, as they investigate the pace of technological change, IT infrastructure, and the flow of information on a global scale, as well as the important legal and security considerations. In addition, learners are required to complete three further units.  We anticipate that these units will be: Social Media and Digital Marketing, Product Development and Virtual and Augmented Reality