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How Career Academy helps me

Career Academy student feedback 2013-14

My mentor and I have arranged to meet every four weeks leading up to the summer.  I have visited my mentor’s workplace, had a guided tour and been introduced to key people.  To support my UNIQ Summer School application, I was introduced to an Oxford English graduate who gave me tips about Oxbridge applications and helped me with my personal statement.   I enjoyed my first meeting and look forward to our future meetings.”
Sarah Collins
Partner in Business is Rachel MacLean, Solicitor at Sills & Betteridge

“The Partner in Business meetings are a great opportunity to talk to someone who has a better understanding of the world of work.  So far we have discussed my subjects, career options for the future and ways in which I can gain some valuable work experience which will help with my application to university.”
Loren Marshall
Partner in Business is Alison Jones, Business Advisor at LAGAT Ltd

“Our first meeting included discussions on my plans for the future and Sara advised me on a range of career pathways and how she can help to improve my employability skills.  I found this useful as she has life experiences that aided my own knowledge.  I am looking forward to my next meeting which is at Lindum and I will get the opportunity to have a tour of the Business Park, meet people and gain an overview of what they do.”
Rosie Marshall
Partner in Business is Sara Hobson, Employee Training and Development Manager, Lindum Group Ltd

“At my first meeting, we talked about my aspirations and my plans to go to university.  I gained knowledge about the process of applying, finance and university life.  Di set me tasks to complete before our next meeting.  We are arranging possible business visits and work experience.  The Career Academy is benefiting me a lot and I am excited to see what the future holds.”
Greg Gavin
Partner in Business is Di Gallon, Pharmacy Training Manager at  Lincolnshire Co-op

“I have had two meetings with my mentor Richard and both have been enjoyable experiences with a wealth of knowledge gained.  Richard is sourcing some work experience opportunities in line with my ICT and Engineering subjects.  I am attending an LN6 networking event and Richard is organising for me to attend other events over the coming months.”
James Vickers
Partner in Business is Richard Johnston, Managing Director of RJ Enterprises (Lincs) Ltd

“I am finding the mentoring meetings with Colin very useful. So far I have used the Myers Briggs personality profile to find out the type of person I am and how that can be applied to different roles in business.  We have discussed different ways in which I can make studying the best it can be by using mind mapping and developing timelines.  The Career Academy programme has helped me gain confidence by meeting new people, arranging meetings and visiting a professional working environment.  This has given me a lot of self-confidence and I think the only way is up from here!”
Charlotte Booker
Partner in Business is Colin Parkin, Director of Ample Financial Services

“I have had a tour of Software Europe and been introduced to a lot of new people.  Greg has explained his job to me and I have had to think a lot more about my career options and opportunities available in the future.  Greg is supporting me with my coursework and has offered to proof-read my work.  We have chosen go-karting for our third meeting as this is a fun meeting and the opportunity to get to know each other better.”
Ciara Everatt-Witts
Partner in Business is Greg Stevenson, Software Europe

“At our first meeting we got to know each other and discussed my career aspirations and my current studies.  Mark set targets in my log book to be discussed the next time we meet.  Our next meeting is planned to take place at Bishop Grosseteste which will give me the opportunity to visit Mark’s workplace and meet new people.  My career aspirations are changing and the Career Academy will help me to develop my employability skills.”
Shannon Hudson
Partner in Business is Mark Bowen, Enterprise and Development Manager at Bishop Grosseteste University.

“I have met my mentor Haydn Biddle twice, both times at the University of Lincoln.  At the first meeting we talked in depth about my Level 3 Business course and the units I am studying.  I was worried about this course and Haydn’s knowledge and experience is helping me with my coursework.  Haydn gave me a tour of the university campus which was really interesting.   As I am unsure about my career pathway, the Career Academy will give me the opportunity to explore different routes.”
Luke Prescott
Partner in Business is Haydn Biddle, Chairman of Batemans Brewery