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Message from the Head Teacher – The Importance of Home Work

We want to ensure that you aware of the importance of Home Work (HW) and its value in improving the life chances of all our students. According to the Education Endowment Foundation the impact of homework, on average over a year, can be up to five months' additional progress. Our children have missed months of valuable learning time in school due to the Covid 19 pandemic and more than ever completing HW is of vital importance.


If you haven’t yet used or downloaded the Class Charts application I urge you to do this.

We used Class Charts in lockdown as a way for teachers to set Home Learning and we will continue to use this application in order for teachers to set HW for our students. Class Charts can be accessed on a mobile phone or a computer. The intended use of Class Charts is to improve communication with parents regarding HW and support students with organisation. Most importantly it allows you to see the HW that has been set for your child and if your child misses any deadlines. To improve our communication further with parents we will also be sending HW reminders and updates via texts and emails home.  

Students have been given guidance regarding the use of Class Charts and issued with their student log in code and password. Form tutors have a copy of this information. However, you can also get this information via Telephone: +44 (0)1522 882800 or Email:

If your child is struggling to use Class Charts we have a range of helpful guides which can be found below.

The impact of Homework (HW) on attainment has been extensively researched and there is a relatively consistent picture that shows that pupils in schools, which give more HW perform better. There is also research to suggest that parental engagement in and support for HW can support young people to achieve better results.

In light of this research we urge you to support them with the completion of this, by checking in with them about HW on a regular basis and encouraging them to work in a quiet and tidy space. The completion of homework is advantageous in teaching young people to develop independent study routines, to meet deadlines and to consolidate learning in the classroom.

The Purpose of HW

Below is a summary of the types of HW that might be set, underpinned by an explanation of why this is beneficial.  


Knowledge Organisers

Your child will be provided with Knowledge Organisers/Practise Makes Permanent booklets from a range of subjects. We recommend your child stores these in a folder.  According to research the most effective HW includes rote learning, practice or rehearsal. This could consist of students carrying out retrieval practice from knowledge organisers or answering questions about what was covered in class that day without consulting their notes. Research suggests that the more a person interrupts forgetting, the more likely knowledge is to be remembered in the long term memory. Storing information in the long term memory is important as it puts less cognitive load on the working memory, allowing students to problem solve more effectively. Please quiz your child in preparation for class tests or exams.

Coursework Deadlines (Years 10 to 13)

Your child will have a range of Coursework deadlines to meet. Not all coursework may be completed at home because of exam rules. However, for a number of subjects this is possible and encouraged.

Khan Academy

The Maths Department makes use of other online platforms such as Khan Academy. Students will have been provided with personal login details during the first couple of weeks of term. All tasks for completion on Khan Academy will be set with a link provided on Class Charts.


The Science Department makes use of revision platforms such as SENECA. All tasks for completion on SENECA will be set with a link provided on Class Charts.


Your child should read for at least 30 minutes each evening. Evidence suggests that children who read for enjoyment every day not only perform better in reading tests than those who don’t, but also develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures. In fact, reading for pleasure is more likely to determine whether a child does well at school than their social or economic background. Reading could be from a range of sources, such as newspapers, fiction or nonfiction.  

Award Programmes

Whilst we aren’t currently in a position to offer our usual extensive enrichment programme and HW clubs, we run a number of Award Programmes for our students included in the Priory Baccalaureate and Subject Champion Awards. Details of these can be found here

Missed HW Deadlines

If your child has missed a HW deadline and you would like to talk to a teacher, please Telephone: +44 (0)1522 882800 or Email: in order to be referred to the relevant Head of Department.

Recommended time for completing HW



Time students are expected to spend on homework each day

Year 7 & 8

1 Hour

Plus 30 minutes Reading

Year 9

1 Hour 30minutes

Plus 30 minutes reading

Year 10

1 Hour 30minutes

Plus 30 minutes reading

Or revision 

Year 11

Period 6 Plus 1 Hour HW

Plus 30 minutes reading

Or revision 

Year 12+13

4 Hours per week per subject homework or independent study

Subject Overview Each Week

Year 7+ 8 Each Subject = 30mins

Year 9+10 = 45mins Option Subjects, 75mins Core Subjects

Year 11 = P5 (or 60 minutes) + 20mins Option Subjects, 45mins Core Subjects

Our hope is that by improving our communication with you we enable all students to flourish academically, improving their life chances, so they become true citizens of the world. For this reason we welcome any feedback and urge you to get in touch with us if you have any queries