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Home Learning

Home learning at Lincoln Academy

The approach taken within the Academy enables students to build habits for learning. Home learning provides opportunities for our students to cultivate their curiosity and passion beyond the curriculum and nurtures well-rounded global citizens who are well placed to pursue a life of their choosing. It supports their independence and helps to acquire habits of the mind needed to study and learn independently, thus developing readiness for their next steps. Engaging in regular out of class activities equip students with building self-regulation, initiative and self-motivation essential for pursing a range of pathways and are fundamental for academic success.

Who we are and how we present ourselves to the world is as important as what we know about the world. As such, we value character education as well as our formal taught curriculum. Our habits become our character, therefore instilling good habits in ourselves and all our students is vital. In our Academy, growing character revolves around our ‘Lincoln Attitudes’: work hard; dream big; be kind; keep going; be proud. We encourage them to be involved in additional activities to develop their character and build their experience beyond what they already know.

Home learning purpose:

Extend learning beyond the curriculum, consolidate, refine and extend knowledge and understanding. Such as undertaking a ‘Subject Champions’ project.

Embed – Reinforce, practise and develop mastery of key knowledge and skills into the long-term memory. For example, undertaking retrieval tasks and application of knowledge through exam questions.

Enrich – Nurturing intellectual curiosity through opportunities that enable students to further explore the subject through a range of media. Such as reading academic articles and participating in subject network webinars.

Engage – Develop study skills such as self-regulation, independence, time management and working to deadlines.

What support is available at Lincoln Academy to support my child with their home learning?

  • We realise that it is not always possible to find a quiet area at home to complete work. Students are therefore welcome to attend one of our after-school home learning clubs. Home learning club is supervised by a member of teaching staff and students can attend each week.
  • The main platform for viewing your child’s home learning is through Classcharts. Teachers set and monitor completion, this also directs students to the relevant subject platforms. Your child’s form tutor can help with this should you or they need it.
  • The enrichment program includes support for students in understanding and completing their home learning.
  • Recognition of student completion and achievement is through our rewards program, house points, Academy postcards and the Subject Champions program.
  • IT support is available to enable all learners’ access to all opportunities. Should this be required please contact your child’s form tutor.
  • Revision and supporting material are available through SIMS Pay.

How and where should home learning be recorded?

Home learning should be recorded in students’ planners or on Class Charts. Class Charts can be accessed on a mobile phone or a computer. The intended use of Class Charts is to improve communication with parents regarding home learning and support students with organisation. Most importantly it allows you to see the home learning that has been set for your child and if your child misses any deadlines. When written in their planner, it should be recorded when the work is set, and the date is due. This is so management of time can be planned very carefully and will enable both students and parents/carers to review the planner each evening to ensure that students meet each deadline for the following day.

More information on how to use Class Charts for home learning can be viewed via the link below.

Classcharts parent guide

How much home learning work is set?

There is an expectation that regular opportunities for extended learning will be set in all subjects and as such a prescriptive timetable is not required. The type and frequency of the setting of home learning will be monitored closely by Subject Leaders and year teams.

How can I support my child with home learning tasks?

  • Help your child by going through home learning tasks and checking he/she understands what has to be done;
  • Reinforce and discuss the importance of completing home learning in order to make progress;
  • Provide a suitable environment in which work can be done;
  • Encourage students to attend after school support sessions e.g., P6, where students can work in a learning environment with accessible support and resources;
  • Monitor the completion of home learning and contact your s child’s form tutor if they are having difficulties completing set work.