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Health & Social Care

KS4 - Health & Social Care

Course Title:  Health & Social Care

Qualification:  Level 2

Description of Course:

Health and social care professionals make a real difference to the lives of ill and vulnerable people.  By studying this course you will gain an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of people working within the Health and Social Care sector, as well as a better understanding of your own development and that of others.

How you are assessed:

Units are internally assessed via coursework and externally assessed by the examination board and an overall grade for the qualification is awarded.  Successful units are graded at a variety of grades dependant on the criterion that are met. 




External assessment: 40%


Internal assessment: 60%

Students will learn about:

  • Communication – How to communicate effectively and overcome barriers to communication;
  • Health and Social Care Values – The values used when working within Health and Social Care;
  • Nutrition – How diet links to health and well-being;
  • Human Lifespan Development – How we develop holistically from birth to death.

The course requires students to:

  • gain a broad understanding and knowledge of the health and social care sector;
  • develop a range of personal skills and techniques, through the selection of units that are essential for successful performance in working life;
  • work independently to produce material for their portfolio;
  • meet coursework deadlines;
  • manage their time appropriately.



This course supports progression into a more specialised level 3 vocational or academic course

or into an apprenticeship.


A first stage for students wishing to become nurses, nursery nurses, paramedics and social workers, or any other role within the Health and Social Care Sector.

For more information please contact:  Mrs Corbitt


Qualification: BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate and Diploma

Assessment: External Assessment 58%; Coursework 42%

Pre-requisite recommendations:

Ideally students will have achieved a Merit in Health and Social Care Level 2 or a grade C or above in Science.

Description of course:

The Extended Certificate course is equivalent to one A-Level and covers four units.  The externally assessed units are Human Lifespan Development and Working in Health and Social Care.  The internally assessed units are Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs and Physiological Disorders and their Care.  Ideally students will also complete work experience in two different settings to enhance both subject knowledge and understanding of the subject.

The Diploma course is equivalent to two A-levels and involves a further four units. There is another externally assessed unit; Enquiries into Current Research in Health and Social Care.  The other three units are Principles of Safe Practice in Health and Social Care, Promoting Public Health and Work Experience in Health and Social Care.

We also offer an Extended Diploma course which is equivalent to three A-levels and involves further units to be studied.

Students are able to achieve at Pass, Merit, Distinction and Distinction* levels.

Enrichment opportunities:

As an integral part of the course students undertake work experience.  This means they are able to better develop their understanding and application of the subject.  It also helps students to decide which direction they may want to move forward in as a career if they are undecided before starting the course.

Why study Health and Social Care?

Studying Health and Social Care can open the door to a great number of different pathways.  In Social Care, students can move on to become social workers, care assistants, work in child care and with adults and children with learning and physical disabilities in a number of different roles.  Students can also move into the health sector as nurses, nursing assistants, midwives and many other roles.  Some students also use Health and Social Care as a stepping stone into a career in teaching.

For more information please contact:  Mrs K Corbitt -