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Global Citizenship including Relationships, Sex and Health Education



Building powerful knowledge to grow confident & creative global citizens

The Academy works to develop not only the academic excellence of our students, but also their knowledge and understanding of the wider aspects to enable them to become rounded citizens of the world.


Global Citizenship develops the knowledge, skills and attributes students need to manage their lives now and in the future and become true citizens of the world. This includes a student’s Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education; understanding of British Values; Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE); Living in the Wider World (including Careers), Health and Wellbeing; and the Academy attitudes.

Our RSHE curriculum grows responsible and respectful global citizens with the knowledge, skills and understanding to make informed decisions to keep themselves safe and healthy in an ever changing and complex world now and in their later life.


  • Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) - Through their learning of diverse relationships students become well placed to manage change and influences within their home, community and the wider world. Students develop an understanding of how to be respectful, understanding a range of perspectives and beliefs. They learn about how to recognise healthy and unhealthy relationships, emphasising the importance of consent in a range of different circumstances including online. Students learn about the benefits of having healthy relationships to their mental wellbeing and self-respect. Subsequently, our young people are prepared with the knowledge of how to manage changes in their relationships, both positive and negative, and where to seek help and support if required. Students are taught the facts and the law about sex, sexuality, sexual health and gender identity to enable them to develop safe, fulfilling and healthy sexual relationships at the appropriate time. They are able to recognise and respond appropriately to harmful behaviours in intimate relationships including coercive and controlling behaviour.  For the RSHE curriculum please see document below.
  • Health and Wellbeing - Students are taught hw to make informed and positive choices for themselves in order to protect their own health and wellbeing.  They learn hw to adopt a positive wellbeing, both physically and mentally, and are equipped with strategies to maintain this throughout their life. As students experience more independent scenarios, they learn how to manage influences and make informed decisions to keep themselves safe and healthy. Students are equipped with the strategies and skills to respond appropriately following their decision-making, acting in an informed, responsible manner within the law.
  • Careers and the wider wrld - Lincoln Academy is committed to providing a Career Education and Guidance programme that develops the skills, knowledge and attitudes our students need for a positive career of their choice as recommended by the CDI Career Development Framework. Students develop their understanding of their own skills and attributes and how these can positively impact their choice of career. Through the subject curriculum, Global Citizenship days and lessons and tutorials, student enhance their knowledge of career pathways and how to access them. Our World of Work day allows students to have interactions with a range of employers and post-16 options to allow them to make an informed choice about their future.  Further information can be found on our website here.
  • Online safety - the Online Safety strand f our Global Citizenship Programme aims to provide students with the tools to explore the online world safely and productively. Students learn about some of the dangers the Internet may present such as fake news, scams, radicalisation and other harmful content. Students develop an understanding of how to recognise harmful content and where to seek support. Students also develop an awareness of how to use online platforms in a productive manner and develop their own personal brand to support their journey into later life. Sessions delivered in Global Citizenship lessons and days support also support the computing subject curriculum.
  • Modern British Values/SMSC - we ensure the Academy promotes the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs; and encourage students to respect other people, with particular regard to the protected characteristics set out in the Equality Act 2010. Students learn about the values in tutorials, assemblies and Global Citizenship lessons. The subject and wider curriculum also promotes the British Values and SMSC development. Further information can be found on our website here.  


Personal Development is at the heart of all we do at Lincoln Academy and is delivered through:

  • Tutorial time – tutor led SMSC and British Value tutorial sessions aim to encourage student reflection to support them to have the knowledge and skills to prosper in life in modern Britain, and to promote their social, emotional and health development. Tutorials include specific year group activities bespoke to the students’ needs so they are better able to navigate situations and choices with clarity, consideration for themselves and others and future to their own morals and values.
  • Opportunities for students to discuss various topic based around a debate question linked to their weekly reading encourages active citizens that will contribute to society. 
  • Year assemblies – delivered in tutorial time to year groups supporting SMSC activities and Global Citizenship lessons.
  • Global Citizenship lessons - delivered bi-weekly by tutors, students learn about Sex and Relationships, Health and Wellbeing and Careers.
  • Global Citizenship days – a full day off timetable which supports the Global Citizenship lessons focussing about Sex and Relationships, Health and Wellbeing and Careers.   
  • Curriculum – some of the RSE topics are covered directly through our curriculum areas such as science, computing, world views and physical education. SMSC and British Values are also woven into the curriculum across the academy.
  • Visiting speakers – specialist people deliver sessions to students either as a year group assembly or tutor groups on a variety of topics such as online safety, drugs awareness, HIV awareness etc.

Further opportunities to enhance students Personal Development include:

  • Student council
  • Enrichment programme
  • External visits
  • Lincoln Passport
  • Fundraising and charity work
  • Inter-school fixtures
  • House activities
  • Work experience

For further information to support student’s wellbeing click here.

Link to policies (please click on links below)

Safeguarding and Child Protection
Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy - Students
Relationships and Sex Education Policy
Student Wellbeing Policy
Careers Guidance Policy
SEND Policy

Consultation and Opt-Out

Parents and carers can choose to remove their child from RSE sessions should they wish. These children are offered alternative lessons instead.  

For the RSHE curriculum please see document below.