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‘Building powerful knowledge to grow confident & creative global citizens.’

At the Priory Lincoln Academy we are dedicated to developing global citizens of the future. Students develop knowledge and skills to communicate in French about themselves and the world around them.  A second language provides understanding beyond the practical purposes of communication. Having a good understanding in French builds capability in student language skills across all subjects. The cornerstones of listening, speaking, reading and writing in another language draw definite and helpful parallels with English grammar.  Students work hard learning the new vocabulary and enjoy the success of communicating in another language. 

Year 7

Introduction to French

Self and Family


Practical French – Shopping and eating out

Year 8

House and Home

Sport and free time

Food and healthy living

Body and illness

Work and future plans

Year 9

Home town


Holidays and travel

Year 10

Link to specification:

Self and family

Technology in everyday life

Free time

Customs and festivals

Home, town, neighbourhood and region

Year 11

Link to specification:

Social issues – Charity & Healthy living

Global Issues – Environment & Poverty

Travel and tourism

Life at school and college

Jobs, career choices and ambitions