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Sir John Franklin
Franklin (16 April 1786 – 11 June 1847) was a British Royal Navy Officer and Arctic explorer. Franklin was born in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, in 1786 and educated in Louth. Franklin's father initially opposed his son's interest in a career at sea but Franklin was determined and his father reluctantly allowed him to go on a trial voyage. This hardened young Franklin's resolve, so at the age of 14 his father secured him a Royal Navy appointment on HMS Polyphemus. 
Franklin demonstrated curiosity, courage, resilience and perseverance, all of which students in Franklin strive towards.
If you are in Franklin you will wear a green badge on your blazer.

Franklin House Champion: Miss Johnson
My name is Miss Johnson and I teach Worldviews at Lincoln Academy.
My hobbies include crafting, baking and watching ice hockey. 
My favourite house events are the Halloween pumpkin carving competition and the UNO competition. I’m very competitive and love too see Franklin students thriving! Let’s hope we win the House cup gain this year