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Academy motto

Lincoln motto

Grace and Glory

Trust Values

Wisdom  Nurturing deeply cultured, reflective and philosophical   thinkers of the future.

Curiosity  Empowering intellectual curiosity, active learning and   inquisitiveness

Generosity  Fostering empathy, mutual respect and courtesy in a   global community

Courage  Championing integrity, resilience and the value of   personal endeavour

Passion  Igniting a sense of awe and wonder, moral conviction   and ambition

Trust Value  Lincoln Attitude

Wisdom         Work hard   

Curiosity         Dream big (Go for it)

Generosity      Be kind   

Courage          Keep going 

Passion           Be proud  

Lincoln Attitude  Tag word


Work hard                 Graft

Dream big (Go for it)  Growth

Be kind                       Grace

Keep going                 Grit

Be proud                     Glory