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Construction Day

A group of students attended the Constrution Day at the Showground.

I enjoyed every single part of the day. First of all we started with painting and decorating, I loved it! The man told us about what we needed to do and the ending product was great, absolutely amazing. All that we used was some paint and different types of materials to create patterns such as sponge and fabric, these all need to be damp when using them.

The second part of the activities was safety. We had to find all the dangers on in an area and write it down. Because we were older than most of the children that were going, we had to rate how dangerous it would be. From 1 to 5, 5 the most dangerous and that can cause death.

The third activity after our lunch was all about construction. For most part of this activity we were talking about planning and how we need to plan before we build something. After we had to put what to do when building something in order. After this we had to build a light tower using only paper, tape and scissors. Although at the start it was hard but in the end we got the hang of it.

Lastly which was probably the best activity of all we did digging using the diggers. We didn’t literally dig but we did get to use the diggers. We got showed how to use the diggers and we got to pick up tyres, move things and pour water in a large bucket. I really enjoyed the whole day.


Yuxing Weng

Year 8 student