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Spark Engineering Festival

Students attended the SPARK Festival at Lincoln Cathedral

Twenty students from Years 7-9 attended the SPARK Engineering festival at Lincoln Cathedral. In the morning the students looked at Engineering of the past by visiting the Lincolnshire Life Museum then they had their lunch in the grounds of the Castle. After their lunch they went into the Cathedral  where they undertook a range of engineering tasks. These ranged from controlling robots to load balls into another robot, Building a structure to support a wind turbine nacelle, powering a range of electrical sources by peddling on an exercise bike and remotely controlling a fibre optic camera to identify objects they could not see.
After they had completed these exercises they toured the Cathedral admiring the engineering that built it. Then there was a large fair of Science and Engineering stalls for the students to look around and talk to the respective employees about their roles. It was good to see 2 past students from PCOLA working in these industries which hopefully will give the students the inspiration and ambition that they themselves can achieve and work in what are exciting and interesting industries.