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European Day of Languages

Students participating in the European Day of Languages in the European Day of Languages

Tuesday 27th September saw Year 8 participate in European Day of Languages. This celebration of language and culture is celebrated in schools and universities throughout Europe…and for students in Year 8, successful teams got to win points for the house competition. Students completed a general knowledge and picture quiz, as well as a competition to construct the highest Eiffel Tower…using only newspaper and sticky tape! Students also drew on their French skills in the map challenge, where they had to win segments of a map to answer geography questions by providing the French words on a variety of topics. What good memories Year 8 have! After a thoroughly busy and hard-working afternoon, we all had the opportunity to eat pain au chocolat and sirop. The mature team work and co-operation of Year 8, made this a really enjoyable and fun afternoon and one we look forward to repeating with next year’s Year 8.

…and the house competition? The winners were Franklin (11 points), followed by St. High (9 points) and Newton (7 points). The prize for “Star team” has to go to Franklin D who came first, second or third in three of the four events, so congratulations to Ethan Bushnell, Stan Bowyer, Lucy Turner and Benjamin Taylor!